Turn your setbacks into strength

With David & Caron Loveless

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We are tested Christian leaders, who train couples and ministries, to overcome any setback, with a proven process that equips them for healthier, more satisfying relationships and maximum impact. 

We’ve experienced some of the most gut-wrenching challenges couples, leaders, and ministries face. There was a time we believed our lives, our family and our work in the world would never recover.  Trust us when we say our life could not have been worse.

Yet, today we sit on the other side of catastrophe with more love, freedom,  and impact than we’ve ever had. Sometimes it still sounds crazy when we say it but we’ve never felt closer, happier or more fulfilled in our lives.

That didn’t happen by accident. It was a combination of the grace of God, and our willingness to learn a radical way of overcoming our setbacks and transforming our pain.

If you’ve got bad news we’ve got good news for you it. It’s not over. You’re not done. Unless you quit.

We offer Christian teaching, consulting, and resources to couples, leaders, and ministries, in a relatable, compassionate way, enabling them to transform major setbacks into unbeatable strengths.

We use a process that has proven itself countless times, not only in our own lives but the lives of thousands of others, and multiple ministries, that we have helped.

We’d love to help you turn whatever your setbacks might be, whether they are relational or organizational, into the most advantageous experiences of your life!




Written by Caron Loveless. I’m so happy to share with you this very personal book – Soulwise: 31 Ways To Grow A Healthy Soul. It contains 31 uplifting and carefully curated quotes, thoughtful meditations & beautiful photographs helping you gain the encouragement you need to make the mental, emotional, and spiritual shifts you really want in your life. 

Along with my own thoughts, the book contains quotes from my favorite authors, songwriters, and spiritual teachers whose words have inspired, taught, and guided me through some of the most difficult days of my life. 


Written by David & Caron Loveless. This is the gut-wrenching story of our own personal leadership and relational crisis. In it, we share how we failed and what it took to overcome our drivenness to prove, promote and protect ourselves and the work we gave our lives for.

Our hard-won learnings will help you gain better self-clarity, and shed light on relational snags. It will also uncover what is actually driving the pace of your life, as well as encourage new spiritual rhythms to refresh your experience with God.