We work with people who feel stressed or stuck in their personal or professional life.  We’ve been there too.

We offer spiritual teaching, coaching, and resources to individuals, teams, and churches, in a relatable, compassionate way, enabling them to pinpoint blockages that hinder their success and happiness.

Those who go through our process experience tangible breakthroughs that fuel their ability to thrive in every area of their lives.

We’d love to help you personally live, relationally love, and vocationally lead with a healthy soul.

Four Ways We Can Help You:

1. We COACH couples and teams in how to live, love, & lead with a healthy soul.

We want to hear about your unique situation, help you determine the obstacles, and design proven steps to overcome what is blocking you, your marriage, or your team from obtaining the deepest satisfaction and highest effectiveness possible.

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2. We SPEAK in staff training sessions, workshops, retreats, conferences, and worship services.

We are eager to pass on to you and your people practical, insightful, and transformational teaching that flows from decades of successful leadership and teaching, as well as our own hard-fought battles to live and lead from a place of spiritual and emotional wholeness.

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3. We SEND a free, practical, gut-honest blog or podcast right to your inbox each week.

We are passionate to pass on the secrets we’ve learned to radically improve the way you see and experience your life, relationships, and leadership.

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4. We produce RESOURCES that can guide you into lasting fulfillment and fruitfulness.

We’ve created online courses, books, and audio programs, that are presented in a relatable, compassionate, and compelling way. These resources will help you better pinpoint blockages that are keeping you stuck and the process that can help you experience tangible breakthroughs that fuel your ability to thrive, in every area of your life.

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Expect These Results:

Greater Clarity

Receive invaluable insight into problems and situations that have confused or discouraged you.

Tangible Transformation

Experience change where it matters most to you.

Increased Fulfillment

Enjoy deeper satisfaction and effectiveness in your personal, relational, and vocational life.

About the Live True Team:

We are Christ-centered spiritual coaches and teachers who are ready to help YOU personally live, relationally love, and vocationally lead with a healthy soul.

David Loveless is a leadership coach, pastor to pastors and strategic, spiritual advisor to churches and businesses, and has done this in over 50 countries.  He is the co-founder of Live True.  He also served as founding pastor of Discovery Church, Orlando, Fl for 29 years. During that time Discovery was identified in Dr. John Vaughn’s book as one of “America’s Most Influential Churches “ and was named as one of the Fastest Growing U.S. Churches in the 21stCentury by Outreach Magazine.

David has also been privileged to represent The Willow Creek Association International for more than a decade. Each year, he taught and coached, some of the most influential church leaders throughout the world, in every kind of context imaginable.

David, and his wife Caron, are co-founders of Live True Associates where they coach teams and couples how to live, love and lead with a healthy soulThey are co-authors of the book Nothing To Prove: Find Satisfaction & Significance at the Core of Your True Identity as well as hosts of The Live True Podcasthttp://www.youlivetrue.com

David is also founding Master Trainer for Life Younique, a personal vision and life planning training company; a consultant for Healthy Growing Churches network and he serves on the staff of First Baptist Church Orlando, FL as the Director of Discipleship & Leadership Development.

Caron Loveless is a bestselling author, artist, teacher, and the Co-founder of Live True.  She is a compassionate, intuitive coach, a certified Enneagram specialist and for over 25 years she used her strategic, leadership, and artistic gifts to serve on the executive staff at Discovery Church, Orlando, FL. She is a conference speaker and retreat leader with a passion to see women, couples and leaders identify the hidden, internal issues that hinder them from experiencing the maximum love, grace, and fulfillment God has available for them.

Caron’s latest book is Soulwise: 31 Ways to Grow a Healthy Soul and her art can be found @hereugostudio.com 

Caron is also the Creator of hereugostudio.com.  There you can find some of her art that is available, as well as books that she’s written.

David and Caron have three adult sons and eight grandkids and they enjoy hiking, kayaking, biking, and traveling together. They live in Winter Garden, Fl.

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