Don’t spend years leading the hard way

As pastors and leaders, we used to believe it was up to us to always know what to do, how to do it and what it was going to take. When that strategy worked it was glorious. But, when it failed it was disastrous. At times we were too close to the action to really see all the facts.

We needed an experienced, objective, outside advisor to help us question our assumptions, suggest other options, and coach us through complicated or uncharted territory. But we were sometimes stubborn, overconfident and determined to lead our complex, growing ministry on our own. In the process, we used up a lot of people, time, money, and sanity.

We often thought it showed weakness to look for help.
Now we know it shows wisdom.

Other times, what we needed most was someone to challenge and care for our soul. We went to the best conferences, read the latest books and learned tons from our peers, but when the weight and pressure of ministry overwhelmed us we had no safe place to turn.

Sometimes we saw other leaders as competitors. We didn’t want them to think we didn’t have our act together. Even with tons of good people around, we felt isolated in ministry. There was nowhere to talk about dangerous levels of stress and frustration we coped with for decades.

As a result, we experienced catastrophic failure in our ministry and marriage. We now believe much of this could have been avoided if we had had a caring, confidential coach available to us.

This is why we are so passionately committed to helping pastors and leaders change their world from a healthy soul.

Like any serious athlete, if you want to improve your performance, unlock your potential, and reach your God-given goals while remaining emotionally healthy and spiritually hungry, you are going to need the support and skill of a well-seasoned coach. Yes, you can eventually get there on your own. But it will take you a lot longer, feel a lot harder, and waste a ton of energy and resources in trial and error.

Why put yourself, your marriage or your team through more cycles of discouraging, depleting or resource-wasting experiments? Don’t let “I-can-get-this-on-my-own” pride or your “I-don’t-warrant-this-kind-of-investment” inner critic keep you from fulfilling your ultimate calling, figuring out what has you stuck, and boldly and effectively moving your team or church forward.

We have experienced the blessings as well as burdens and complexities of leading a church in the 21st century. We have a proven track record. Our three-plus decades as church planters and senior leaders of a multi-site mega church can provide you with invaluable support and equipping for wisely and confidently leading your ministry in whatever direction God calls you.

Don’t let pride or your
inner critic keep you
from fulfilling your
ultimate calling and
moving your team forward!
Brian Britton
Chicago, IL

Other leader’s experiences with Live True Coaching:

“I have been a leader all my life, starting as the oldest sibling of eight and progressing through US Navy Flight Officer mission commander roles, business executive roles, and COO and President positions responsible for thousands of employees. I had been through hundreds of hours of classroom and practical leadership training, faced many leadership challenges, and built an immense leadership tool belt. But no matter how many successes and achievements came my way it was not enough. I was a model to most everyone on the outside but I was floundering in many ways on the inside.

Then I hit the wall. Stunned, exhausted and in pain, I reached out to David Loveless for executive coaching. In all my years of leadership and professional development, I never understood several critical pieces missing in my experiences, training, Harvard MBA, Sunday school, Bible reading and “just do it” efforts. I know now I would have never uncovered these pieces on my own, no matter how hard I tried. David’s wisdom -based on extensive studies, experiences, and failure, allowed him to quickly assess where I was and how I got there.

Through a combination of light-shining assessments, keen insight sessions, and true God-connecting experiences David helped me lay the critical foundation I needed to live with true peace, joy, and contentment and lead with renewed energy, and confidence.”

Francis Anfuso
Senior Pastor- The Rock of Roseville

“David Loveless has been an exceptional coach for our leadership team at The Rock of Roseville. He not only cares about us as individuals, but deeply cares for our church. David has been profoundly helpful in guiding our pursuit of God’s direction, taking the time to know our leaders, congregation (through his speaking at many of our weekend services), vision, and even our church DNA. His tools for leadership and discipleship have proven to be extremely useful in helping us find language to communicate our vision effectively. We highly recommend David as a leadership development and discipleship coach. He will love your vision as you do and push you to be more effective, efficient and communicate it all clearly.

Nancy Beach
Consultant: Slingshot Group
Former Arts Director, Willow Creek Church & Association

“Caron Loveless speaks into my life on a regular basis and she brings both love and truth to me with uncommon grace. She is a seasoned leader who has navigated the highs and lows of life in ministry grounded in her devotion to God. She is a gifted teacher, and a highly intuitive listener and leader of people. Anyone who has the opportunity to learn from this woman should leap at the chance!”

What You’ll Receive from Live True Coaching:

  • The best tools and assessments specifically targeted to your unique needs
  • Objective, strategic and supportive counsel and world class expertise
  • A path to success that is practical, powerful and focuses on keeping your soul healthy
  • Validation of your unique gifts and abilities, as well as identification of “blindspot tendencies” that may be secretly blocking your effectiveness at work or at home
  • An objective individual to help you immediately and expertly address the issues most pressing to you
  • Exploration of unresolved traumas that may be affecting the outcomes you most desire in your life and work today
  • Full access to the benefits of a lifetime of our successes, failures, experiences and world class training
  • The healthy challenge of new behaviors and practices that can set you on course for personal and professional transformation
  • Empowerment to accelerate change in your life, marriage or organization
  • Savvy mentors who can help you keep your priorities and vision on track for maximum success
  • A skilled decision-making strategist who can support and challenge new initiatives
  • A guarantee of measurable results as you follow through on your assignments or we will refund your investment, no questions asked

Live True Coaching Packages

The Younique Personal Vision Journey

In this deep dive, 3-module cohort you will catalyze and confirm your personal vision and life calling. This is an eye-opening, comprehensive, life-mapping experience unlike anything you’ve experienced.

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Individual Executive Coaching

Offered in 3 or 8 private sessions with David or David and Caron Loveless, these packages are designed to help you live, love and lead from a healthy soul.

Learn More

Better Together (Couples Relationship Coaching)

We offer couples coaching or counseling for those that relationships that feel like they are: stuck; falling apart; or destined for more.  We also offer pre-marital counseling.  If you’re interested in any of these, click HERE.

Learn More

True Velvet (Pastor's/Minister's Wives Coaching with Caron Loveless)

Often the demands and structure of ministry life can leave a pastor’s wife feeling unknown, isolated or misunderstood. There seem to be very few places she can go or people she can trust to talk honestly and openly about the real issues she’s facing in her life, ministry, marriage or family. We believe she deserves honor and support.

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Do not let distance be an obstacle! Your LIVE TRUE coaching sessions can happen face-to-face, via skype, or phone.

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