Is Your Team As Organizationally Effective And Personally Fulfilled, As It Could Be?

If you are looking for an experienced, objective, outside advisor or church consultant to help your team be more effective, while at the same time become more fulfilled, we can help.

David Loveless helps churches, non-profits, and businesses… get “un-stuck,” further maximize and capitalize their compelling mission, and help their leaders and teams gain new traction for their own lives. These organizations have ranged from small, start-ups to those that involved thousands of people, and tens of millions of dollars.

David and Caron’s consulting projects help ministries and organizations in:  Strategic Planning, Spiritual Leadership Development, Discipleship Strategy Implementation, and The Younique Personal Vision Journey.

Strategic Planning for Churches, Non-Profits, and Businesses

When a team doesn’t share an understanding of a specific compelling mission, leadership grows tired, overworked, and uninspired. Too often there’s no unified picture of what success looks like. David utilizes a proven, simple, and powerful planning method that will bring energy and focus to your church or organization like never before.

The process begins with an Organizational Assessment, that helps you identify: what’s right? wrong? confused? and missing?

This process will then help you build a Vision Frame, that provides a compelling Organizational Identity, which will dramatically accelerate your team’s ability to find complete agreement regarding the future. Then, using a tool called the Horizon Storyline, which provides compelling Organizational Direction, leaders can connect short-term actions steps with the long-range dream, while leveraging the power of storytelling to make the plan “stick.” This tool will galvanize a diverse team of leaders, as well as volunteers, with unprecedented enthusiasm.

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Spiritual Leadership Development for Teams

Very often, leaders on teams pour out the best of their abilities, heart, and time, yet feel like very little is being poured back into them. They often begin to feel like they are being used by their church or organization, where there is little care about how they are doing themselves. Yet leaders also often have multiple struggles going on internally, ones they don’t feel safe to talk about. This all leads to their living very conflicted lives, navigating the waters between what they teach others to do versus what they themselves are actually experiencing.

David and Caron Loveless are available to come in and help you assess the actual health of your team, then work with you in designing a Spiritual Leadership Development Plan that can help those in your ministry lead from a healthy soul. David and Caron, along with a team of other professionals, have developed a process that utilizes breakthrough tools that can add significant, life-giving elements into leader’s life.

David and Caron have experienced some of the greatest leadership successes one could ever hope for, and at the same time, have experienced some of the greatest personal failures, that anyone would like to avoid. From those experiences, as well as the experience of working with countless leaders, they use a combination of workshops and personal coaching in order for those you work with to experience what it means to live, love, and lead from a healthy soul.

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Church Consultant for Discipleship Strategy Implementation

David is available to help churches or missional leadership teams “install” a discipleship strategy. This is done by utilizing the 3DM paradigm (which has proven to be one of the most effective in the world). The goal is to show you how to build a discipling culture and catalyze missional momentum in any ministry context.

In this process, we engage with the words, works, and ways of Jesus. By doing so, you’ll discover the principles that transition from “having a ministry” to “leading a movement”, reproducing disciples instead of recruiting more volunteers, and multiplying communities instead of just adding more people.

During the two-year track, you will progress from Discipleship to Mission through:

  • A series of Training Events that would be held on a quarterly basis for up to 100 people. These training events include teaching inputs, space for reflection, teamwork sessions, and tactical planning. They also allow you to experience proven vehicles for discipleship and mission, evaluate your current realities, and look to where God is calling your church.
  • A weekly Discipling Huddle that would be conducted for up to 10 people. These sessions would unpack the 3DM toolkit and focus on the personal and ministry growth of each leader. They would also experience proven vehicles for discipleship and mission. As a result of this huddle, you will have people who’ve been effectively discipled in both a transformative as well as reproducible manner.

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The Younique Personal Vision Journey

Most people are aware that God created them with unique potential and placed them on planet Earth for a specific purpose. Yet no one has ever shown them how to discover it in practical terms and consistently live it out. The Younique Vision Journey is a life-planning experience designed for personal breakthrough and delivers clarity that changes people’s lives. With the right tools, courageous dialogue, and an experienced guide, people in your church or organization can accelerate the progress in articulating their life vision in alignment with their life vocation. It becomes not only a personal “win” for them, but they will now have the organization to help make it possible.

Churches and businesses can bring in David and other Younique coaches to take a team of people to take a team of people through their own unique vision process, and then have them equipped to become Younique Certified Coaches themselves. These Certified Coaches are then able to offer the Personal Vision Journey and Younique LifePlan resources to others in your church or organization for a tiny fraction of the cost, giving your entire congregation the opportunity to experience personal breakthrough via this unique life planning experience.

A Younique team is available to come to your location and work with up to 40 leaders to offer this contextualized Younique training experience.

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Other Experiences with Live True Consulting for Churches

Francis Anfuso
Senior Pastor – The Rock of Roseville

“David Loveless has been an exceptional coach for our leadership team at The Rock of Roseville. He not only cares about us as individuals, but deeply cares for our church. David has been profoundly helpful in guiding our pursuit of God’s direction, taking the time to know our leaders, congregation (through his speaking at many of our weekend services), vision, and even our church DNA. His tools for leadership and discipleship have proven to be extremely useful in helping us find language to communicate our vision effectively. We highly recommend David as a leadership development and discipleship coach. He will love your vision as you do and push you to be more effective, efficient and communicate it all clearly.

David Uth
Senior Pastor – First Baptist Church Orlando

“David Loveless recently spoke to our pastoral team about his own leadership journey. He was used by God to have a profound effect on our staff as he shared with transparency and vulnerability the truth of his failure and the healing God brought to him and his wife, Caron.  It was a session unlike anything we’ve ever experienced. And it’s still having lingering affects. I’m sure David’s time with us will prevent some of us from making similar mistakes.”

Danny de Armas
Senior Associate Pastor – First Baptist Church Orlando

“We saw great value in having David speak to our entire church in a weekend series called Lies We Believe. It was a remarkable, transforming weekend for our congregation. Currently, our team is gleaning from David’s many years of senior leadership experience as he consults with us on several strategic initiatives, advises key leaders and, along with Caron, provides counseling for some of our pastors and their spouses. We are honored to call them our friends and highly recommend them to your staff and church.”

Gary Schwammiein
President – Willow Creek Association

“I have partnered with David Loveless for many years in many countries around the world. People love his teaching style, humor, and relational skills. Through their experiences in recent years David and his wife have even more to offer people eager to learn how to deal with the multi- faceted challenges we all face daily. I wholeheartedly endorse David and his wife Caron to anyone considering them for teaching or consulting”

Nancy Beach
Consultant: Slingshot Group
Former Arts Director, Willow Creek Church & Association

“Caron Loveless speaks into my life on a regular basis and she brings both love and truth to me with uncommon grace. She is a seasoned leader who has navigated the highs and lows of life in ministry grounded in her devotion to God. She is a gifted teacher, and a highly intuitive listener and leader of people. Anyone who has the opportunity to learn from this woman should leap at the chance!”

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