The “YOUNIQUE” Personal Vision Journey

God created you with unique potential and placed you on planet Earth for a specific purpose!

But in the busyness of life, you’ve probably never identified your specific calling in a way that brings life-changing clarity.  Unfortunately, most people haven’t.  Like a distinct echo, the promise of a vision-guided life remains elusive, drowning under the demands of work, the messiness of family, and the stuff that all Christians are supposed to do: go to church, attend a small group bible study, and serve in the community.

When you join a Younique personal vision cohort, you embark on a strategic journey to catalyze and confirm your own personal vision and life calling. This journey will reap benefits literally for a lifetime!

You’ve probably noticed a world of products to help you fulfill your potential.  You’ve walked through the self-help section at Barnes & Noble or you may have participated in that discipleship class at church. You’ve been jolted by inspiring Instagram quotes and scrolled through life planning products online.

You’ve probably even taken your fair share of personality tests and spiritual gift inventories.  At the end of the day, there’s lots of good stuff out there.

But what does it all add up to ?  A glimpse of insight, once in a while?  A whisper of motivation, perhaps?  Certainly a deeper understanding of what it means to follow Christ in general.  Yet, in the end, most of these things don’t help you to actually fulfill your potential.

Most “product-only” approaches fail to deliver one thing:
Authentic Personal Breakthrough

Younique is a life planning experience designed for break-thru. That doesn’t mean it is easy.  It has more tools and takes more time than you are used to.  But it delivers clarity that will really change your life!

Our core belief is that your divine design is expressed in Ephesians 2:10. It is more knowable than you realize. You are God’s workmanship created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which he has prepared in advance, that you should walk in them. With the right tools, courageous dialogue, and an experienced guide, you can accelerate progress in articulating your life vision and aligning your life vocation.

You can and should know your Life Younique – your God-given identity and your God-inspired dreams. Most importantly, you can discern and design the practical next steps to get there.

The Younqiue Personal Vision is a Good Fit for You If…

  • You are ready for targeted, personal coaching that will bring greater focus and clarity to your life and work
  • You see yourself in transition in some part of your life or vocation and are looking for fresh direction
  • You need a breakthrough in one or more roles or issues in your life
  • You feel your current life path is not as fulfilling or fruitful as you know it could be
  • You feel unclear about your ultimate life purpose and want a better handle on expressing and experiencing your true calling

Here’s What the Younique Personal Vision Journey Can Do for You:

  • Help you create your own Vision Frame that provides personal clarity for the next 3 years
  • Give you the tools necessary to sustain vision clarity and allow you to hit refresh on your own whenever necessary
  • Help you see the value of integrating your personal history with your current and future work world
  • Help you determine your life call, your life core, your life steps, and your life score
  • Help you exponentially increase your own self-awareness and vocational alignment
  • Help you identify your unique identity and how it can be best expressed, experienced, and evaluated in every area of your life
  • Help you create life rhythms that will increase your ability to thrive in your true identity and calling
  • Help you create a dashboard that will show the areas you are thriving, surviving, or in need of reviving

The Younique Personal Vision Experience Options

The Younique Personal Vision Journey is made up of three 90-day experiences.  You can take these journeys in a sequential fashion or with breaks in between.  The end goal of all three experiences is to complete your Younique Life plan. 

A weekly, 75-minute live video session, conducted virtually in groups of 5-9 people


A 3-day intensive in Houston, Atlanta, or Orlando, followed up by four 1-hour personal coaching calls
Your Experince Will Include:
  • Advanced level coaching by David Loveless, a certified Younique master instructor
  • Your own set of “master tools” and exercises that will guide your journey
  • A notebook with over 100 pages of worksheets, instructions, and examples

1st 90-day Module: Articulate Your Identity

Through a set of guided discovery exercises, we will help you identify how the major experiences of your life (both good and bad) weave together with your abilities and passions to shape your unique calling. On this first 90-day experience, you will actually name this calling (LifeCall), as well as the top convictions and motivations for your life (LifeCore).

These deliverables are the foundations of your personal Vision Frame. Some of the tools you will work through include: The Clarity Spiral, LifeLine, Life Discovery Grid, Sweet Spot Level 1, One Thing, and the “Name, Narrative, 9-to-5.”

2nd 90 day Module: Activate Your Calling

Once you have established a baseline with your life identity, this second 90-day experience will help you align and activate that calling within your life’s roles, rhythms, and resources. Through a dynamic LifeScore tool, you will develop the four most prominent themes or “storylines” of your LifeCall. The storyboard then transforms into a practical dashboard creatively designed to fit you (LifeSteps).

In addition, you will take an even deeper dive into your abilities and ideal vocational context. This 90-day experience ends by completing your personal Vision Frame and making specific decisions around vocational next steps. Some of the tools you will work through include: Roles Mapping, Domains Assessment, 5 Capitals, Rhythm Stepping, Sweet Spot Level 2, Sweet Spot Summary, Life Drifts and Vocational Options and Gates.

3rd 90 day Module: Advance Your Future

No one ever reaches Mount Everest merely by walking around. The third 90-day experience builds on your completed personal Vision Frame to develop a master tool called the Horizon Storyline. This tool brings clarity and overarching focus to the next chapter of your life through a simple yet powerful visionary plan.

Unlike anything else in the world of life planning, this tool develops a long-range inspirational snapshot of the future and then breaks it down into meaningful and actionable time horizons (LifeHorizons).

You will learn how to leverage the power of a 90-day season of success and how to prioritize each week based on your unique personality. In addition, you will calendar block years in advance based on the Life Making Cycle — a tool to help you consistently plan and practice your Younique Life Plan. Some of the tools you will work through include: LifeHorizons 1, 2, 3 & 4, Sweet Spot Level 3, Life Making Cycle, Vision Frame Review, and Vocational Spiral Assessment.

To Get Started:

Choose which Younique Personal Vision Journey you want to take.

Virtual Cohorts
      • The Virtual Cohort is made up of 6-9 people.
      • Each 90-day experience includes 12 weekly cohort sessions and all Younique LifePlan Resources.
      • Weekly coaching will be delivered via a video conference in 75-minute sessions.
      • Each session introduces new content, self-discovery exercises, and key assignments to guide your Personal Vision Journey.
      • Each 90-day experience requires a minimum of a 24-hour time commitment: 12 hours for online training and dialogue and at least 12 hours for personal reflection, assessment tools, and process work.
      • Each 90-day virtual experience is a $499 investment in the impact of your ultimate life calling
      • SIGN UP NOW or get more details by clicking on this SCHEDULE A CONSULTATION link now.
3 Day Intensives
    • Intensives are customized and exclusive on-site training’s held over 3 days that cover Personal Vision Journey in its entirety.
    • This immersive experience includes your Younique LifePlan Resources and assessment tools costs. It does not include travel or lodging expenses.
    • Intensives provide up-close and personal access to our best vision clarity coaches, who are available for personal consultation along the way.
    • Each intensive is limited to 28 people to maximize access to the coach and to provide quality interaction.
    • Each intensive is followed by 4 video coaching calls to ensure that on-site learning becomes integrated to complete your Personal Vision Journey.
    • The investment is $2,450 into you finally knowing and living out your true God-given calling
    • SIGN UP NOW or get more details by clicking on this SCHEDULE A CONSULTATION link now.

Do not let distance be an obstacle! Your Younique coaching sessions can happen face-to-face, via skype, or phone.

What Others Are Saying About Their Younique Journey

Darryl is one of the participants that completed all three 90 day journey’s this past year.  He is a pastor who loves living intentionally:

“Over the years, I’ve tried a number of tools to help me get personality clarity.  Most of them were helpful, but it always felt like I was missing something, or that the tools were too complicated to meaningfully guide my life. The Younique Personal Vision Journey is the first one that has been compressive enough to encompass all of my life, and simple enough to use every day.  I have great clarity than ever before about God’s call on my life anyhow to translate this into action.”  Darryl

Jay also completed all 90-day journey’s this past year.  He works as a high-level lead in a technical management and sales field.

“Investing in the Younique, Person Vision Cohort was an amazing blessing and the most worthwhile commitment I’ve made in my 40 year faith journey.  As a naturally reflective individual I experienced value from the process, but catalyzing a move in my life was more than I had anticipated.  As we wove together an array of reflective exercises, I found that I was viewing the tapestry of my life in new and uniquely different ways.”  Jay

Benefits You’ll Experience:


The primary outcome of the Personal Vision JourneyTM is the feel of accelerated progress in the most important areas of your life. You will have a specific vocational next step, whether it negotiating a better role description in your current job or starting an entirely new vocation


Your Younique LifePlanTM was created to bring an unprecedented focus in a culture of unprecedented distraction. You will have a practical opportunity to bring laser-focus to your God-given roles and your God-inspired dreams.


In the whirlwind of life’s busyness and work demands, you will “know that you know.” Little whispers and hauntings that life has something more or that God is calling you to something new will be adequately explored, vetted, clarified. You will know what God is calling you to do and not to do.


Most life planning products do not process ideas from lists into simple and singular ideas. In your Younique LifePlanTM you will have three key deliverables that focus on one idea. That means the outcomes are very “sticky” and live more in your mind and heart than they do on paper.

(*Note: most planning products fail due to complexity. One popular planning method released in 2016 illustrates 4 sample life plans. The simplest one has almost 40 content pieces: 7 purpose statements, 7 vision statements and over 22 goals. This sets the user up for failure and feels more burdensome than exciting.)


Because of the thorough process and break-thru dynamics of the Personal Vision JourneyTM, you will have an entirely new level of confidence about your life calling and direction. It will feel substantial. Most products or event-based life planning experiences are process-poor and bring little value as a result.

Origin of Younique & Your Coach

David Loveless is the Co-Founder of Live True Associates, an executive coaching and teaching ministry passionate about helping leaders change their world from a healthy soul.  He coaches high impact, marketplace leaders and church executives and their staffs, who seek to better modulate their strive for success, with greater personal awareness and relational wholeness.

David has planted churches in Canada and the US and was the founder and lead pastor of Discovery Church in Orlando Fl for 29 years. Discovery was identified as one of America’s most influential churches by Dr. John Vaughn. He has taught extensively on spiritual leadership in 50 countries, much of that in partnership with Bill Hybels and the Willow Creek Association.

He is very passionate these days about seeing leaders experience the fullness of their God-designed calling from a place of authentic spiritual and emotional wholeness.

The Younique brand was founded by two nationally known ministry leaders- Will Mancini and Dave Rhodes. Will Mancini is the founder of Auxano, one of the nation’s primary vision consultants with churches, and the author of numerous books on helping the church become effective at organized discipleship and visionary planning. Dave Rhodes led the national team at 3dM, an organization dedicated to embedding leadership development and missional practices into local church culture.

This past year, Will and Dave invited David Loveless to become a premier partner with them in coaching both marketplace and ministry leaders.  Will, Dave, and David have collaborated on previous projects related to leadership, and now see their Younique partnership as another great fit.

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